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Ycash Foundation

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The Ycash Foundation is a nonprofit corporation incorporated in the State of Delaware. It's mission is to develop and promote the Ycash currency for the public good. To that end, the Foundation develops Ycash-related software and makes it free for the public to download and use.

Ycash Buzz

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Operated by Ycash enthusiasts, is leading the charge to spread the word about Ycash. Follow @YcashBuzz to get notified of their free Ycash merchandize giveaways and check out their BINGO-themed Ycash Faucet.


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YecPages is the premier online directory for all things Ycash. In the directory, you'll find curated lists of Ycash wallets, merchants that accept Ycash, and more.

Concision Systems


Pursuant to contracts with the Ycash Foundation, Concision Systems has made several important contributions to Ycash, including implementing the original Ycash chainfork, the first Ycash desktop full node wallet, the first Ycash desktop lite wallet, and the first Ycash mobile wallet.


Howard Loo

Howard is a software developer and the founder of the Ycash Foundation. His Ycash-related software projects include Wry (Wrapped Ycash), YecLite, and NumberProtector. He holds an undergraduate degree in computer science from Stanford University and a graduate law degree from UC Berkeley. He is a member of the California State Bar.


@ChileBob is a software developer and an independent advisor to the Ycash Foundation. His Ycash-related software projects include StratumPool, Yak, and Zonkey.


@Yodler is a software developer and data scientist. He is the founder of Passionate about bringing equal opportunity to marginalized popuations, he organized the first ever Ycash-themed charity donation. His Ycash-related software projects include Ycash Bingo, the first ever Ycash faucet.

Eric Vaughn

Eric is the creator of YecPages, the premier online directory for all things Ycash. He is passionate about making Ycash easier to use. Eric has authored several Ycash-related articles, including "Money is Shielded Cryptocurrency, and nothing else".

Jacob Nulty

Jacob is a Ycash mining enthusiast with a passion for helping new Ycash miners and promoting a robust Ycash mining ecosystem. In addition to mining, his Ycash-related interests include atomic swaps and decentralized finance. Ycash related projects include ycash.jl and rosetta-ycash


@ZebbuFund is a software developer. His projects include YecRoulette, the first ever Ycash application.