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Fact Sheet

Key facts about Ycash, as compared to Bitcoin.

Supply Cap21 million21 million
Current Supply (Approx.)13.2 million18.7 million
Project Launch20192009
Date of Genesis Block20162009
Originating BlockchainZcashNot Applicable
Fork DateJuly 18, 2019Not Applicable
Fork Block Height570,000Not Applicable
Current Block Size Limit2 MB1 MB
Target Block Spacing1.25 minutes10 minutes
Ticker SymbolYECBTC
Current Block Reward3.125 YEC6.25 BTC
% Block Reward Allocated to Miners95%100%
% Block Reward Allocated to Nonprofit5%0%
Unencrypted TransactionsYesYes
Encrypted TransactionsYesNo