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Get Ycash#

Once you download a Ycash Wallet, it's time to get yourself some Ycash!

Sell a Gift Card for Ycash#

If you are new to cryptocurrencies, selling a gift card in exchange for Ycash is a good way to obtain some Ycash. Private Gift uses Ycash to purchase your Amazon and Target gift cards. Follow @Private_Gift on Twitter for the latest offers.

Buy Ycash from a Cryptocurrency Exchange#

Most Active Exchanges#

The following exchanges have the most active markets for buying and selling Ycash:

Market Information#

Ycash on CoinGecko

Ycash on CoinMarketCap

Buy Wry#

Wry is a token on Binance Smart Chain (and coming soon to Ethereum as well). 1 WRY token represents 1 YEC taken out of circulation by the Ycash Foundation. You can buy Wry on PancakeSwap and then convert it to YEC via the Wry Pipe service provided by the Ycash Foundation (limits and fees apply).

Buy Wry on PancakeSwap

Buy Wry on SouthXchange

Wry contract address on Binance Smart Chain: 0x4F0c54c06bC401D02Df557FD65eE30F622155cf6.

Mine Ycash#

You can also mine Ycash with your computer! All you need is a GPU and an internet connection. To learn more visit the mining page.