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Getting Started

Mining is a great way to get involved with Ycash. To effectively mine Bitcoin or Zcash, you need to purchase an expensive, specialized computer called an ASIC. In contrast, you can effectively mine Ycash with a commodity graphics processing unit (GPU) that you may already have in your computer.

To get started mining Ycash, you need a Ycash address, a GPU with at least 3 GB of memory, and mining software that supports Ycash's Equihash(192,7) mining algorithm.

Mining Software

Several different GPU mining software packages support Equihash(192,7), including:

  • miniZ (Nvidia) (Linux/Windows) (mandatory 2% dev fee)

  • lolMiner (AMD) (Linux/Windows) (mandatory 1% dev fee)

  • Gminer (Nvidia/AMD) (Linux/Windows) (mandatory 2% dev fee)

  • EWBF's Cuda Equihash Miner (Nvidia) (Linux/Windows) (optional dev fee, 2% by default)

Mining Pools

For a well-maintained list of Ycash pools, check out MiningPoolStats.


"How to Mine Ycash with Gminer" by Jacob Nulty