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Ycash Wallets#

In order to use Ycash, you need a Ycash wallet, and there are many great wallets to choose from!

Shielded Mobile Wallets#


YWallet is fastest and most advanced Ycash wallet on the planet, featuring Warp Sync and shielded transactions!

Download YWallet

Shielded Desktop Wallets#


YecLite is a lightweight desktop wallet for MacOS, Linux, and Windows. YecLite allows you to use Ycash without having to download the Ycash blockchain.

For most users, YecLite is the easiest way to enjoy the full power of the Ycash network.

YecLite is developed by the yecdev team and vetted by the Ycash Foundation.

Download YecLite from GitHub


YecWallet is a full node Ycash wallet. It includes ycashd, the node software that powers the Ycash network, and will take care of configuring ycashd for you!

Because it is a full node, YecWallet will download the entire Ycash blockchain via the Ycash peer-to-peer network. (Currently, the blockchain is around 21 GB.)

Download YecWallet from GitHub


You can also store Ycash on a piece of paper!

Download YecPaperWallet from GitHub

(For small amounts of Ycash, check out the web-based version of YecPaperWallet.)

Multi-Asset Wallets#

Guarda Wallet (Multi-asset wallet for iPhone, Android, desktop, and the web).

Cobo Wallet (Multi-asset mobile wallet for iPhone and Android)

Hebe Wallet (Multi-asset wallet for iPhone, Android, and the web)

Bitpie Wallet (Multi-asset mobile wallet for iPhone and Android)

SafePay (Multi-asset mobile wallet for iPhone, Android, and the web)

Atomic Wallet (Multi-asset wallet for Android and desktop)

Developer Wallets#

For wallets designed to support Ycash-related software development, visit the developer page.